Yoga Retreats in Portugal

Bliss Yoga Events at Quinta São José dos Montes, Tomar – Portugal.

Retiro – Amor de verão 2024

Yoga, Meditation and Self-knowledge Retreat.

Next Retreat – 19 to 21 July 2024 at Quinta São José do Montes, Tomar – Portugal.

Yoga Retreats in Portugal. An unforgettable experience of Yoga, meditation, sound journeys, dance in the wonderful setting of Quinta São José Montes in Tomar.

Since 2020, humanity is going through a very delicate period, characterized by social and individual detachment, generating isolation and disconnection. One of the basic needs of the human being, being a social being, is to be close to other humans.
It will be three days filled with yoga practices, meditation, dance moments with DJ sets, Kirtan, sound journey, meditation walk, connection dynamics and many other surprises.
The magical Quinta São José dos Montes in Tomar will be the stage for these unforgettable days.
Requirements for participation in the Yoga retreats:
There is no requirement to participate in this retreat. All practices will be accessible to all participants.


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Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance, Meditative walking, Connection dynamics, Sound Journey, Meditation with Cacao, Contemplation practices. Among many other surprises.
Yoga retreat summer 2
The path of evolution as humans undeniably passes through self-knowledge.
Who we are and what we do in this world are pertinent questions in the evolution of beings.
These same questions are often stifled by a blind society that accepts what is imposed on it as the rule, or “normality”.
When we understand what we do in this world, we have a direction, a meaning in life, a meaningful life.
Only by knowing who we are can we free ourselves from illusion and suffering.