About me… Who is Groove Nomada?

Groove Nomada, is an Ethnic Electronica, Organic House, Psy Tech, and Ecstatic Dance, Lisbon-based DJ and music producer.

Known for blending ancient ethnic sounds with cutting-edge beats, Groove Nomada crafts a unique fusion of Ethnic Electronica, Organic House and Psy Tech, taking you on a transcendental ride through time and culture.

Dance floor curator, sound journey facilitator, syncing music to Asana & Yoga Classes, passionate about mixing music, surfing & yoga. Always searching new ways to dance on stars & moons into the Sun.

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Love, respect and embrace music diversity from all over the world.

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What some Yogis, Yoga Teachers, retreat & event organizers says about Groove Nomada.

Since DJ Groove Nomada became part of the Bliss Yoga retreats, the energy of the retreats has completely changed. Its light and relaxed presence and its immersive sound easily lead participants to a moment of total surrender to the present moment. The moment of dancing with Groove Nomada is one of the most outstanding activities of the retreats and a presence totally aligned with the magic and transformation that we want to provide to each participant.
I had the good fortune of connecting with Groove Nomada music in a Yoga class. He incorporates a blend of traditional Indian music with beats from all over the world, letting each session flow whether more movement needed. The music he plays is outstanding for a special yoga experience featuring the best of both worlds.
Mafalda P (Yogi)
We worked together on several projects in the last years. Groove Nomada professionalism and healthy perfectionism always motivated me to do my own part of the job better. Not once did he raise the motivation of the whole team with his energetic and adventurous approach to solving problems. I highly recommend Nuno as a high value to any team, making others team members strive for better results.
Nuno Vasconcelos
Practising for 4 months
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